GDPR impact on Korea — panel discussion_안찬식 변호사

GDPR impact on Korea — panel discussion

Jun 25, 2018 Google Campus Seoul


Chan Sik Ahn [left] explained the differences between GDPR and PIPA (Private Information Protection Act, the Korean regulation equivalent, launched in 2011) and the disruptive technological changes in the legal world. Brian Chun [right] reflected on his experiences at Hanwha Techwin, being vocal about the urgency to start a task force team to comply with GDPR, in particular for the CCTV cameras and security devices business area.


Massimo Nardone, in connection from Helsinki (Finland), shared an European perspective on GDPR, explaining Cargotec compliance issues and challenges

Trade and finance flows flattening, data flows growing exponentially (Digital globalization: The new era of global flows, McKinsey report 2016)

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