[Eng] HMP Law Tech&Comms Team

HMP-Tech-Comms_Brochure_two-pager_2023-04-06-1다운로드 Since 1993, HMP Law has demonstrated its superior legal skills in all areas of international practice, focusing on cross-border transactions, general corporate affairs, M&A, healthcare and disruptive technologies. Cryptocurrency, Digital Assets & Web3 The Best Expertise Among Korean Law Firms TECH & COMMS Team The Tech & Comms Team at HMP Law researches and… Continue reading [Eng] HMP Law Tech&Comms Team

[THE KOREA TIMES_안찬식 변호사] Is Korean Crypto Valley possible?

  By Ahn Chan-sik Starting with Switzerland's Zug, followed by the U.K.'s TechUK and China's Lujiazui Special Economic Zone, the concept of a "Crypto Valley," now existing in various locations, offers a variety of benefits for startups that nurture and develop blockchain and cryptocurrency-related industries around the world. In Korea, while the government has designated… Continue reading [THE KOREA TIMES_안찬식 변호사] Is Korean Crypto Valley possible?